Which topics are covered?

There are over 13 volumes of Tzurba available as of now, with more coming out every year. The volumes cover a vast array of topics in Halacha according to the outline of the Shulchan Aruch. Topics include Kashrut, Niddah, Tefillah, various Moadim and many more. For a full list of topics, click here.

Where can I buy Tzurba volumes?

All Tzurba M’Rabanan volumes are available for sale on Amazon.com

How can I start a chabura / shiur / learning group in my shul or community?

Please reach out to eli@tzurbaolami.com to discuss bringing Tzurba to your community. We will assist in starting the initiative and advertising. Just reach out!

Can I order Tzurba volumes in bulk?

Yes! If you would like to order Tzurba volumes in bulk, please reach out to neil@tzurbaolami.com to discuss and arrange. We can help you.

What is a Tzurba School Curriculum?

Tzurba is now offering a groundbreaking new Halacha curriculum. Schools have the ability to choose any topics from our various volumes and create a custom curriculum for their students. Please reach out to neil@tzurbaolami.com to discuss further.

When does the cycle start?

The four-year cycle for the English series began in February 2019 (Shevat 5779). However, each shiur is independent so you can join at any time. The learning schedule is available here, and the books will be distributed in advance.