Special Covid-19 Volume – Kupferberg Family Volume

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Halachot of pandemics in halacha and hashkafa, porch minyanim, responding to a minyan online, what must be excluded when davening alone, Keriat HaTorah, reciting a beracha when one has lost taste and smell, reciting Hagomel after recuperating from Covid-19, Hilchot Shabbat issues, halachot relating to masks, Makat Medina, cancellation of rentals and other Choshen Mishpat issues, unique halachot pertaining to Zoom, Mikveh and tevillat keilim challenges and more.

The Lax Family Tzurba M’Rabanan English Series is a revolutionary way of learning Halacha from the sources in the Talmud through to modern day poskim. All sources are fully translated and color coded. Tzurba M’Rabanan was written and collated by Rav Ben Tzion Algazi.

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