Tzurba M’Rabanan for Shavuot


Thank you for joining Tzurba for Shavuot!

The Lax Family Tzurba M’Rabanan English Series is delighted to provide you with the following complimentary Tzurba materials for your learning over Shavuot.

Please note: there are different versions for US and non-US – some are only available for non-US countries.

Click the relevant button below for the downloadable and printable PDF:


Laws of Torah Study - US edition   Laws of Torah Study - non-US edition

COVID questions - non-US edition


Keeping a Kosher Kitchen - non-US edition


Preparation for Prayer - non-US edition


Kashrut of Medicine, Toothpaste, etc - non-US edition


Laws of Tzedaka Part 1 - non-US edition


Laws of Tzedaka Part 2 - non-US edition


Electric Appliances for Meat and Dairy - non-US edition


Tefilla B'Tzibbur - non-US edition


Basar B’chalav - non-US edition

Chag Sameach!