Rabbi Joel Kenigsberg

Rabbi Joel Kenigsberg, grew up in Johannesburg, making Aliyah after high school. He studied at Yeshivat HaKotel in the Hesder program combining Yeshiva and IDF service, and shoel u’meishiv for the International students program. He graduated from Eretz Hemdah in Manhigut Toranit – a five-year post-Semicha program developing Rabbinic leadership and has since had 7 years of pulpit experience. For 4 years, Rabbi Kenigsberg and his wife Sarah lived in London as Shlichim of Mizrachi UK. He has served as the Rabbi of Magen Avot, a dynamic and vibrant Modern Orthodox community in NW London, and is the Rav Shaliach of Bnei Akiva UK. Rabbi Kenigsberg has a B.Ed from Lifshitz College of Education and a Master’s degree in Science & Halacha from Bar-Ilan University, both with distinction. He takes a special interest in the interface between Halacha and the modern world and is responsible for many articles in the Tzurba m’Rabanan series. The Kenigsbergs have two children – Yonatan and Tsofia.

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