Rabbi Joel Kenigsberg

Rabbi Joel Kenigsberg, serves as the Rabbi at Beit Knesset Hanassi in Rehvia, Jerusalem. He graduated from Eretz Hemdah in Manhigut Toranit – a five-year post-Semicha program developing Rabbinic leadership. For 4 years, Rabbi Kenigsberg lived in London as Shlichim of Mizrachi UK. He has served as the Rabbi of Magen Avot, a Modern Orthodox community in NW London, and is the Rav Shaliach of Bnei Akiva UK. Rabbi Kenigsberg has a B.Ed from Lifshitz College of Education and a Master’s degree in Science & Halacha from Bar-Ilan University. Rabbi Kenigsberg delivers a weekly Tzurba shiur at Beit Knesset Hanassi and is responsible for many articles in the Tzurba M’Rabanan series.

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